Frontiers in Economics and Management (ISSN: 2692-7608)

Aims & Scopes

FEM is a monthly published journal which focus on publishing original and peer reviewed research papers on all aspects of economics and management. And the topics include but not limited to:


Accounting & Business Statistics

Accounting Theory and Practices

Assets Valuation & Banking

Behavioral & Health Economics

Business & Economics

Business Ethics & Business Law

Business management & Business operation

Business Process Management

Business Studies and Ethics

Capital Investment Analysis & Classical Economics

Consumer Behavior & Cost Management

Corporate Finance and Governance

Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

Development Economics

E-commerce & Econometrics

Econometrics & Entrepreneurship

Economic Capital & New Economy

Economic Decision Analysis

Economic Development, Methodology, Policy

Economic Growth and Development

Economic indicator & Economic Transparency

Economics of Organizations and Industries

Electronic Markets & Empirical Studies

Engineering Operations

Engineers in Marketing and Service Activities


Financial Economics, Global Business

Financial Markets & Game theory

Industrial and Management Optimization

Information Economics and Management

Innovations & Investment Theories

Labor Economics & Labor Relations

Leadership and Human Resource Management

Management of Supply Chain and Logistics

Management of technology

Managing Engineering Design

Managing Production Operations

Marketing Strategy, Theory and Applications

Microeconomics and Macroeconomics

Monetary Neutrality & Planning and Forecasting

Organizational Behavior & Theory

Prices, Business Fluctuations, and Cycles

Product Management, Production and Organizations

Public Economics and Finance

Public Policy Analysis

Quantitative and Experimental Methods

Resource Management & Strategic Management

Socio-Economic Planning Sciences

Strategic Alliances & Strategic Management

Taxation & Sustainable development

Technology and Knowledge Management

Tourism Management and Hotel Management


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